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David Cook
David Cook

Rampage Knights Hack ((FREE))

this is a fun game and it has some good replay value which i like, and with the rarity of these type of games, that is always good. this is a very solid entry in the beat em up genre and, if you are looking for something new to play, rampage knights will not disappoint you.

Rampage Knights hack

despite the initial rpg feel the game has to offer, rampage knights quickly turns into a simple beat em up in the late game. but with a simple-but-effective system of class-based upgrades, character enhancement, and weapon class variation, the game never feels too repetitive or boring. this game also has surprisingly good production values, and the combat animations are actually pretty smooth, especially for an indie game.

gameplay wise, rampage knights is a straight up beat em up that just happens to be a little different. the combat is fluid and easy to pick up, but the difficulty and pacing can become tedious when you find yourself in a repetitive pattern. the game has a few minor issues as well, like the fact that some characters can not be attacked by arrows, and the game doesnt offer a story to either aid the player or provide much context to the world. but these are easily ignored with the games strong presentation and gameplay.

if you like beat em ups then this game will please you. it has a simple combat system but is still challenging. the weapons are fun to play with and the upgrades are a good way of increasing your proficiency. this is definitely a game that can be played in short bursts and still provide a lot of enjoyment. if you are looking for something with more strategy and depth than a typical beat em up, then rampage knights is the game for you.




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