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William Gonzalez
William Gonzalez

How Iclone Character Creator Pack Can Boost Your 3D Animation Workflow

There are resource packs or content packs with shared items like characters or motions, which can be applied in both iClone and Character Creator. You can install only one pack in one template folder location and share it with these two applications.

Iclone Character Creator Pack


The following example will show you how to install a purchased pack in iClone and apply it in Character Creator. In iClone, click the Menu button in Content Manager and execute the Settings command.The Settings panel will show with the default shared folder currently used between applications. You may change the Template Folder path to another folder for installing the packs or items. Click the OK button.Purchase a content pack, and then download and install it in iClone.Double-click on the pack to view items inside. You can see shared items such as ccAvatar, ccHair and ccCloth.* Make sure the Show Subfolder Items checkbox is enabled to view all items in the subfolders.Right-click on the item to find content files in the Windows file explorer with the specific directory.In Character Creator, execute the Settings command in the Content Manager menu.The default Template Folder path in the Settings dialog will be the same one as in Step 2. If you have ever changed the shared folder path, must manually set to the identical one. Click the OK button.Select the New Purchase filter node to find the same pack in step 3. It will show installed because the pack already exists in iClone. * If you find the pack appears uninstalled (greyed-out), then double-click on it, or click the Refresh button to sync again. The thumbnail will be colored.Double-click on the pack to view items inside. You can see shared items with iMotionPlus and iTalk formats.* Make sure the Show Subfolder Items checkbox is enabled to view all items in the subfolders.Right-click on the item to confirm content files in the Windows file explorer with the identical directory. iClone and Character Creator can now share the use of this installed pack.You can apply not only a character, but also a motion in Character Creator.Save it under the Custom tab and then you can share custom contents with iClone.

Reallusion is again evolving Character Creator and iClone, the most user-friendly and dynamic character animation platform, with a monolithic leap in ability and creativity. The tandem release of iClone 8 (iC8) and Character Creator 4 (CC4) delivers an array of accessible 3d character tools for generating and animating scalable digital humans or humanoids. CC4 and iC8 aim to provide creators with a unified and dramatically simplified solution for character setup and animation.

Now there is more power than ever to the Reallusion pipeline from both CC4 and iC8 including features enabling creators to generate and export characters and animation in FBX or USD for the most popular platforms. Export CC4 and iC8 scene assets and characters for path-traced rendering in Omniverse, game output and virtual production in Unreal and Unity, roundtrip editing with 3D digital creation tools, and making next-level metaverse avatars.

Fantasy Playset - This Assassins pack delivers awesome dressing combinations, offering an easy way for you to define your own dark heroes made for PBR render engines like iClone 7, Unreal, and Unity. These great production assets are perfect if you are a game designer, or a 3D animation team as you will not only receive the 3D character models, but also the 3D bases for clothing and accessory customization.

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