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Jimena Galván
Jimena Galván

FSX - Bombardier CRJ And Embraer ERJ Freeware Package Crack

FSX - Bombardier CRJ and Embraer ERJ Freeware Package

If you are looking for some high-quality and detailed models of the Bombardier CRJ and Embraer ERJ regional jets for FSX, you might want to check out these freeware packages that offer a variety of liveries, features, and enhancements.

Download Zip:

Bombardier CRJ-200 Full Pack for FSX and P3D

This package by Rikoooo includes the Bombardier CRJ-200 model by Project Open Sky (POSKY) converted to native FSX and P3D format, with a reworked virtual cockpit (beta version) by David Hoeffgen, real and custom sounds by Christoffer Peterson, and 32 repaints from all over the world. Some of the features of this package are:

  • Native 3D models for FSX and P3D v4.2+

  • New bloom effect, emissive multiply blend, global environment map as reflection, and blend diffuse by diffuse alpha

  • Reworked night textures and new alpha channel for metal reflection effect

  • FMC implementation option with custom BMP for Honeywell FMC by Rikoooo

  • Individually configurable MFD and EICAS screens for the captain and first officer

  • Rain effects on windshields and working wipers

  • Stall and overspeed protection systems

  • Auto land function

  • GPWS by Rob Barendregt

  • Several visual and animation corrections

  • Added animations and gauge features

You can download this package from [Rikoooo] with or without an automatic installer.

Embraer E-jets With VC for FSX

This package by Speedbird77 includes the Embraer E-jets (E-170, E-175, E-190, and E-195) with interactive virtual cockpits for FSX. The models and textures are by AI Aardvark. This package also includes updated versions of the previously released E170 and E175. Some of the features of this package are:

  • Magnificent virtual cockpit with 2D panel, FMC, GPWS, V-Speeds Callout, and Ground Services

  • 16 repaints for each aircraft

  • Realistic flight dynamics and performance

  • Detailed exterior model with wing flex and engine smoke effects

You can download this package from [Fly Away Simulation] with an automatic installer.

Other Embraer Freeware Packages for FSX and P3D

If you are interested in other Embraer models, you might also want to check out these freeware packages:

ModelDescriptionDownload Link

Embraer EMB-120 Mega Pack for FSX and P3DThis package by Rikoooo includes a unique and complete package of the Embraer EMB-120 (model + virtual cockpit + 2D panel + personalized sounds + manual + checklists + references + 34 repaints), a 30-seat twin-turboprop aircraft manufactured in Brazil.[Rikoooo]

Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante for FSX and P3D & FS9This package by Edgar López Guinart includes a beautiful Embraer 110 created by Edgar López Guinart compatible with FS2004, FSX / Steam and P3D. This version 3.0 is available with the cargo and passenger model with 3D virtual cockpit and 2D panel.[Rikoooo]

I hope you enjoy these freeware packages of the Bombardier CRJ and Embraer ERJ regional jets for FSX and P3D. Happy flying!




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