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William Gonzalez

The Great Leader Hindi Full HOT! Movies

History has given us a plethora of powerful leaders who have devoted their lives to the advancement of their countries and their people. Part of what defines a good leader is their ability to make sensible decisions during catastrophes and trying times. Brilliant leaders of both ancient and modern times have left behind everlasting legacies. A common thread that ties together many great leaders is that they emerged during tough times and led their countrymen into a brighter future. This is a list of 10 books about such leaders, covering the life they led, their political stances and their contributions to society.

The Great Leader Hindi Full Movies

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As leaders taking our people into new territories as unknown and potentially hazardous as did Cortés, we need to ensure those we are leading that there is no turning back. He knew how to be a great leader. We need to be certain there is no off-ramp our people can use to avoid the challenges of our own new business worlds. We need to burn the ships.

He was intensely loyal to his men and expected full support in return. On occasions he could be vindictive when his leadership was questioned. Shackleton refused to approve the Polar Medal to four men on Endurance because of perceived disloyalty. But Shackleton also had the foresight to recognise that idleness and long periods of contemplating their fate would be toxic. Pessimism was never allowed to take root.

Employees are human, and mistakes are to be expected. Who you are as a boss is evident in how you deal with mishaps. While bosses are more likely to use a reward-and-punishment system to discourage poor behavior, great leaders understand that employees benefit from encouragement and mentorship. If an employee performs well in a specific line of work, that strength should be recognized and mastered.

Becoming a great leader means to influence others to accomplish an objective or goal while at the same time strengthening an organization or furthering completion of a purpose. A great leader is one who puts others above himself and aims to help them achieve their goals. The most accurate statement describing what it means to be a leader is a quote from John C. Maxwell.

Imagine a group of people that live in complete darkness. There is only one path that will take you to where there is light. In this world of complete darkness, no one has a flashlight. Over the years you discovered the way out of the darkness and into the light. The moment you enter the light, you see a flashlight right in front of you. A great leader grabs the flashlight, heads back to the people and begins guiding them along the path toward the light.

Mahatma Gandhi was a very empowering and Visionary leader. Mahatma Gandhi was an empowering leader no only because he empowered all Indians on a salt march to corrupt the British economic system. Since he was pioneer of Satyagraha, he also inspired all Indians to understand and learn resistance through non-violent civil disobedience. Gandhi was a visionary leader. He gave Indians a new spirit, a sense of self-respect and a feeling of pride in their civilization, he is something more than a mere politician. He is a great statesman and a man of vision.

Gandhi had already been recognized through his work and movements in South Africa. People already had great honor and hopes from him due to what he had achieved, his non-violent methods were also very well respected within the Indian society. Since he was already visionary and empowering, Mahatma Gandhi was a Transformational leader. He always empowered his followers towards success, he gave them hope where there may be none. One of the most outstanding qualities of Gandhi which makes him a great transformational leader of modern history was his long term vision, self confidence which was perhaps perceived as someone who was stubborn and strong principles of righteousness.

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