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William Gonzalez
William Gonzalez

A Touchless Smartwatch… It’s Happening

All in all, wireless charging offers a mess-free, convenient method to charge your phone, earbuds, smartwatch and more. It provides lots of benefits, which is why there are so many wireless charging compatible phone accessories available to us. However, there is one downside to a wireless charging accessory: It is not as efficient as wired charging or a fast-charging cable.

A touchless smartwatch… it’s happening

Samsung Pay works with Galaxy phones, from the latest Galaxy S21 Ultra all the way back to the Galaxy Note 5 ($300 at AppliancesConnection) from 2015. It's also available on some smartwatches including the Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active ($36 at Amazon) 2, Gear S2 ($349 at Amazon) (only for transactions on NFC terminals), Gear S3 and Gear Sport.

There's the Delight hearing aid, a Deutsche Telekom wireless charging transmitter and Vuzix Blade smart glasses, for example. Energous has also mocked up prototypes for a smartwatch with flexible antennas woven into the band, a wireless car remote and a pair of headphones. Consider these the stepping stones to charging your phone and even your laptop over the air.

What these smaller devices all have in common, apart from their size, is that they use relatively low power and aren't flat. Traditional wireless charging -- called inductive charging -- where a phone or smartwatch lays on top of a flat pad or dock, requires large, even surfaces to contact so that magnetic coils within both devices can kickstart a power transfer.

When someone asks me what computer they should buy, nine times out of ten, I will recommend one of the Wahoo Elemnt computers. They aren't quite as feature-rich as the Garmins, nor do they have quite the same navigational capabilities but they simply work. So when the Wahoo Elemnt Rival computer was launched, we were excited to see what the American brand had done with its first smartwatch.

The third product is the Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet. The concept of a touchless faucet is nothing new to most people, but the devices are not common in the home. By offering hands-free activation, Kohler hopes to promote handwashing without spreading germs. If no one needs to touch the handle, then bacteria cannot move from handle to hand. Kohler also plans to launch a remote puck that allows for existing single-control faucets to be retrofitted to become touchless devices. Pricing has yet to be determined, but this one is looking to launch sometime in December.

LTE smartwatches work exclusively with Verizon Android phones (not unlocked phones) on the Verizon network with a qualified Numbershare data plan. NumberShare is required to activate service on LTE smartwatches.

Keep your smartwatch clean and dry. Soaps, cleaning products, abrasive materials, compressed air, ultrasonic cleaning, and external heat sources can cause damage and shouldn't be used with your smartwatch.

Technology and innovation are what have helped, even saved, restaurants as they transform how they operate to not just survive, but thrive, in this new connected and contactless era. From online ordering, self-checkouts and touchless payments to delivery and pick-up, the F&B industry can no longer afford to ignore the trends that are helping businesses reinvent themselves to remain relevant and competitive.

Contactless payment has become increasingly popular in the restaurant industry. This technology isn't just about placing an order online; it also allows diners to pay for food with a smartwatch, smartphone, or smart card via an app or touchless device.

The use of smartwatches is becoming ever more popular, and one of the things they allow you to do is make mobile payments. What could be easier than simply wearing your watch? Many models are waterproof, so they are perfect for wearing to the beach and, although you have to take your mobile along with most of them, they can continue to work without any problems from a considerable distance.

Tap and go, or contactless payments, are popping up all over with the help of new technology in payment terminals. With the help of what is called Near Field Communication (NFC), credit cards and digital wallets on your smartphone or smartwatch can complete your purchases with something as simple as a tap on a screen.

You can also use your smartphone or smartwatch to make a contactless payment. Mobile wallets, like Apple Pay on iPhones and Apple Watches, Google Pay on Apple or Android devices and Samsung Pay on Samsung devices, store your card information. Similar to using a contactless credit or debit card, you can use your mobile wallet by holding your phone over a payment terminal with NFC technology for a few seconds or tapping the terminal with your phone or watch. 350c69d7ab




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