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William Gonzalez
William Gonzalez

Fast And Furious 1 Full Movie In English Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!

They give us a nice intro here and the main homepage has an "Explore Frank Lucas" or an "Explore Detective Richie Roberts" links. Before we get to that though, they have a menu on the top right corner with the normal website goodies. The Story gives us a nice, but brief synopsis, the Notes and Cast and Crew menus are coming soon, Video gives us the amazing Trailer and a this A Look Inside video that gives us interviews with the main players in the movie. We also get some Images and Downloads with two desktops and two AIM Icons to download. The Explore deals for both men give us tons of wonderful background info on the characters and their trades on both sides of the law. The only thing I have against this is they might give away a little too much here on these Explore things, but they give us tons of background info on what I think will be the best movie of the year. American Gangster opens on November 2.

fast and furious 1 full movie in english download

They have some nifty little gadget sort of things here, but in essence, it's a simple sort of site. They have the trailer for you right when the site starts up and you have to hit the Navigation deal to get the menu. In the Download menu you get some Wallpapers, AIM Icons, Screensavers and Posters to download, the Photo Gallery has all of seven photos, Video just has the trailer, no other vids, the Synopsis is decent and the News Feed gives you RSS Links, the IPhone menu has some IPhone wallpapers and the Enhanced Daylight Meter is basically a nifty little countdown thinger for the opening of the movie and it has a code you can embed this onto your own site. Some decent stuff here, but nothing groundbreaking. I Am Legend opens on December 14.

There's a reason this movie didn't come out in the summer like it was originally planned, and probably a reason why the trailer says it'll come out on Thanksgiving and most other sites say sometime in 2008: this just looks inane. Take a equal parts of Failure to Launch and Mr. Woodcock add some absurdity and you have this one. We get Jon Heder, Diane Keaton (who I thought was so above this kind of crap), Jeff Bridges (who I knew wasn't above this kind of crap) and Anna Faris (See Jeff Bridges parenthetical) and this just looks like a big heaping pile of unoriginal mess. Mama's Boy opens sometime... not sure when... hopefully never.




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