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David Cook
David Cook

The Vampire Diaries Cast Trivia Crack UPD

Sam and Dean investigate the disappearance of seven attractive girls, all in their late teens, in the small town of Limestone, Illinois. When they go to the home of the latest victim, Kristen, they find out that she had an obsession with vampires. Her room is a shrine to the recent trend of vampire movies, television shows, and books. Once they crack her laptop's password (Pattinson), they discover that she met someone online who claimed to be a real vampire and was supposed to meet him at a club called "The Black Rose." They're not sure that the online stranger was a real vampire, but Samuel seems certain that vampires are involved. The disappearances in Limestone follow a pattern: this is the fourth town where kids have gone missing and a blood bank van has been jumped and the blood stolen. In this town, the driver of the blood bank van was found with his throat ripped out.

The Vampire Diaries Cast Trivia Crack




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