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William Gonzalez
William Gonzalez

Beats Pro Detox Serial Number Check

Pull back the rubber flap covering the ports on the back of your speaker. The serial number is printed on the inside of the flap. It begins with RAVE, followed by more letters and numbers. Learn about the Beats Pill XL speaker recall program.

Beats Pro Detox Serial Number Check

Photos below show the models and where they are marked. All models made by Apple (post 2014 manufacturing) have a model # located on the inside of the right hinge. Model made before that have lot numbers which are located on the bottom of the left has side on the swivel or inside panel. Having a serial number does not necessarily mean your pair is authentic; here's an article helping ID fake Beats.

Just what the Doctor ordered Legendary hip hop artist and producer Dr. Dre has helped shape the sound of the music industry for decades. To commemorate the release of his highly anticipated new album, he has teamed up with Monster to create the limited edition Detox Beats Pro headphones. Each version of this special Pro model is individually serial numbered and blacked out with a durable powder-coated matte black finish for a stunning appearance. The Detox logo runs across the top of the headband to complete the look. Pick up a pair and hear what you've been missing. 350c69d7ab




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