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Carmageddon Max Damage EXCLUSIVE

Those are the rules of "Classic Carma", and there is a total of six game modes to find here. Among our favourites are "Ped Chase" where specific pedestrians need to be taken out. "Fox 'n' Hounds", is another, and it's basically vehicular tag. One positive thing to note is that the five opponents really add to the bizarre nature of the game. If we were to simply forget about the race and simply explore the map they will follow after and completely destroy you. But in the longrun this doesn't really add to the enjoyment. Several times we got stuck between a wall and three completely insane drivers who constantly rammed us into a state of boredom. No-one is damaged, everyone is stuck, and this carries on until we've had enough and hit the reset to teleport back on the road.

Carmageddon Max Damage

The absence of decent tunes, the outdated graphics, and the lack of any sort of narrative is clearly disappointing, but it's the sub-par handling and non-existant car physics that cause the most damage to Carmagaddon: Max Damage at the end of the day. The developers Stainless Games should try and do something about the lack of friction with a patch, but as it is we won't return and spend more time behind this particular wheel. It's a shame because it has its moments. These moments, however, are too far apart and too fleeting for Carmageddon: Max Damage to end up as anything other than distinctly average. 041b061a72




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