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Zombie Lane ^NEW^

Zombie Lane is a social network game developed by Digital Chocolate's Helsinki-based studio[1] and released on Facebook and Google+ in 2011. In late 2011, it was released on the iOS App Store. Players must rebuild their shattered neighbourhoods after their destruction by a zombie apocalypse. The game was praised by reviewers for its graphics and gameplay. By July 2014, the Facebook version had over 2.2 million likes,[2] and as of April 2014 it has been licensed to RockYou while the developers from Digital Chocolate were hired to continue to work on the game.[3]

Zombie Lane

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Gameplay centers on farming and rebuilding the destroyed neighborhood, with the game beginning at the end of the world. The player's character has lost their spouse and dog, who need to be located, and the dilapidated shack which used to be their home is the only building left standing. The player is given advice by a character called Rob the Rent-a-Cop, and must deal with the encroaching zombies as well as restore the neighborhood. The player begins with a shovel as their only weapon, but in time can create makeshift weapons from collected objects and obtain firearms.[4]

Rubble and debris litters the game area, and must be cleared before the player can plant crops, which in turn can be converted into food which restores energy. Combat involves clicking on zombies in order to attack them. Should the player be attacked by a zombie their character will be momentarily stunned, no other penalties are incurred. Enemies become more difficult to defeat as the game progresses. When enemies are defeated they disappear, despite the game's setting combat is slapstick in nature rather than overtly violent.[4] Zombies drop items when defeated, with different types of zombies dropping different items. The door-to-door salesman zombies drop sporting goods, whereas zombies that were formerly shop employees drop household goods.[5]

The premise is simple: your neighborhood has been infested by zombies and you and a couple of survivors are challenged with defending your house and surviving. Tap to where you want to go and tap on zombies to engage them in combat. There are a ton of different weapons, while Zombie Lane keeps gameplay fresh by letting you craft new weapons. Flaming boxing gloves are particularly entertaining.

Zombie lane is a game where the player is going to save his neighbors who are in an attack by the dreadful zombies. You are the protagonist who needs to fight for all human beings and stay alive to get back home safe.

Starting the zombie war, the resources will be limited but as soon as the character will become the hero and with the money to spend on the advancements or reveling the new one. The game is a fine FPS that lets the user enjoy the conquest.

Mobile Zombie Lane players will be able to enjoy the fun and challenge of rescuing their spouse and pet, rebuilding their home after a zombie apocalypse, and crafting weapons from household items. Watch out for the dangerous firemen, plumber and super-sized zombies. Digital Chocolate has developed the version of the game to perfectly suit the efficient swipe and tap mechanics of iPhone and iPad. Zombie Lane also takes advantage of social aspects of the platform, allowing you to visit friends in the game and help them fight off the approaching zombies.

If there's one undead creature that always seems to be en vogue, it has to be the slow, but persistent zombie. These slack-jawed, shuffle-footed flesh eaters lost out to vampires briefly during 'Twilight' mania, but quickly took the spotlight back after AMC's excellent 'Walking Dead' series held audiences captive in Fall 2010. So the idea that Digital Chocolate, the company responsible for Millionaire City on Facebook, will be bringing a zombie game to Facebook should be at exciting as running across a munitions stockpile during an undead apocalypse. In theory, at least.

In the game, you have to try your hand at defending humanity from the invasion of zombies! Who will do it better than the Great Wall Builder, Mr. Trump? xD However, zombies are not as simple as they seem. With every attempt, they become stronger, deft and faster. In order to defeat them, you need to develop an individual strategy for each of the types of zombies. To do this, you will be helped by a number of features, such as combining types of shells and weapons.

Pros: Solid 3D animation, interactive visuals, engrossing quest system and goofy game style and sound track.Cons: Very similar to games like FrontierVille.There are many games on Google plus like Facebook which involve building cities and farming. But none of them have Zombies roaming around nor many of them have shot guns and flaming boxing gloves are rare of be heard of. So when you play Zombie Lane you will get a feeling of a Déjà vu with a twist of goofy humor and scary yet funny characters. You don't only build your home from rubbles; you build the whole civilization back from the start, while keeping the Zombies away with a shovel :)Zombie lane starts with a destroyed world, with everything around you reduce to rubble and the only standing structure a shack which was once your home. And yeah, the whole landscape is filled with hungry Zombies. To not get you confused in this strange world you have with you Rob the Rent-a-Cop to help guide which will guide you through the whole game. You start with a shovel, rebuild your home, reunite with your wife and kid and eventually restore your entire neighborhood to its former glory.If you ignore the presence of the Zombies in your surroundings, the rest of the game is quite similar to FrontierVille. You have the same rebuilding of your surrounding from the debris lying around, grow crops which give your energy and the combat with Zombie is simply clicking on the Zombies. If a Zombie attacks and hits you then you are just stunned for a few moments and no other harm happens.Zombie Lane has its own special twists which gives it a unique flavour from other games on Google plus. Combat experience improves with advancement in the game. The weaponry continuously goes on improving- from a shovel at the starting you will proceed to get different guns. You can also craft your own weapons with the items you get. For example pour some motor oil on boxing gloves and you get flaming boxing gloves. The improvement in the weapons comes in handy as the difficulty level of the Zombies also goes high and you will have to play harder to get rid of these advanced Zombies.The whole game of Zombie Lane holds around the quest of structure building and completing tasks. You will have to grow certain number of crops, collect certain items and kill a fixed number of Zombies within a time period to complete a task. Some of these tasks are one time but there are some other which gives better rewards like being reunited with your wife and child. Though there is no fixed story base in the game of Zombie Lane but the quest system weaves a lose narrative around the game of building back your life.Presence of Zombies might sound to you like this is a game with dark and grim background but in reality the presence of Zombies makes the game much more interesting to play and actually sets the game in a brighter mode. Most of the times you will be in combat with Zombies but the fight is actually not bloody violence but is actually slapstick comedy. The Zombies disappear immediately as soon as they are defeated and the animations and background is colourful and cheerful. The sound track too has a combination of horror with comedy.The core game story might not be original but the Zombie addition gives it a unique presence. From building your home, to growing crops and fighting Zombies; the game is filled with pure fun and makes fighting the Zombie apocalypse fun and helps you learn why you should always keep a shovel handy!Read Google+ game: Edgeworld by Kabam review, gameplay and tips to play

StorylineIn the game, you have to try your hand at defending humanity from the invasion of zombies! Who will do it better than the Great Wall Builder, Mr. Trump? xD However, zombies are not as simple as they seem. With every attempt, they become stronger, deft and faster. In order to defeat them, you need to develop an individual strategy for each of the types of zombies. To do this, you will be helped by a number of features, such as combining types of shells and weapons. Genre [/ h2]

Are you stuck with any survival tips and do not know how to get them? Gamelytic has put together a list of all the zombie lane tips as well as some helpful tips on how to unlock the Zombie lane survival tips. Hope this will help you to collect all the tips available in game.

TipNo.Survival TipsInformationHow to Unlock1CardioSometimes Zombies get alerted and start following you. Alerted Zombies prevent you from doing nearby actions and they can stun you if they get too close. Run away and Alerted Zombies will soon lose their interest in you.Get close to zombie2CraftingCrafting weapons opens up new possibilities for Zombie killing. Click any building to open the Crafting menu. Any Crafted weapon can be used to kill Zombies.Craft any weapon3FirearmsSometimes it's the best to use Firearms to shoot Zombies from a distance. If you get too close, the Zombies might become Alerted and fight back. Also they smell horrible.Equip and use firearm4Weak ZombiesWeak Zombies only have 1 health. They can be taken out easily with melee weapons like the Shovel.Kill weak zombie5Normal ZombiesNormal Zombies have 2 health. If you use a low damage melee weapon like the Shovel, the Normal Zombie will become Alerted and fight back. It's better to use Firearms from a distanceKill normal zombie6Strong ZombiesStrong Zombies have 4 health. If you use a low damage melee weapon, the Strong Zombie will become Alerted and fight back. Use Firearms from a distance to take them out!Kill strong zombie7FoodYou can't survive a Zombie apocalypse on an empty stomach! Crops and trees provide the food that fuels the war on ZombiesUnlocks after Food Challenge Quest8Hiring FriendsFor a small fee of Coins, you can hire a friend to help you out. Move the mouse over a friend's icon in the bottom of the screen to find the Hire option.Hire a Friend9Visiting FriendsVisiting friends gives you Energy, Coins and Duct Tape required for Crafting. You can do 5 FREE Actions at your friend's place every day! Check the lightning count for how many actions you have left for the day.Visit a friend10Melee WeaponsMelee weapons are used for close encounters with Zombies. Be careful though - Zombies will become Alerted and fight back if you don't finish the job with one hit!Equip and use melee weapon11FencesZombies aren't smart enough to get past a good fence, so make sure you've got fences around all your crops. Check back every once in a while to repair any damage the Zombies may have done to the fence with their aimless wandering. Fences are sold under the Farming tab inside the market.Move Fence12Smashed CropsFor some reason, Zombies love stomping all over good crops. That's why it's very important to protect your precious food with fences.Plant crops near zombies13Janitor Zombie (1 Health)Janitor Zombies are Weak Zombies with only 1 health. They tend to carry items like the Alarm Clock, Metal String, Mop, Lunch Box, and Rubber Gloves.Kill Janitor zombies14Salesman Zombie(1 Health)Salesman Zombies used to go door to door, selling sporting goods. Now they wander aimlessly, doomed to be whacked in the face with the very items they once sold. They tend to drop sports equipment like Boxing Gloves, Baseball Bats, Tennis Balls, Bowling Balls, and Footballs.Kill salesman zombies15Supermart Zombie (1 Health)Supermart Zombies specialize in typical goods. These weak Zombies can be taken out with pretty much any weapon. They tend to drop household items such as Motor Oil, Rope, Toilet Paper, Candies, and Toy Guns.Kill supermart zombies16Gas Station Zombie: (2 Health)Gas Station Zombie is a Normal Zombie and it has 2 health. They carry the Propane Tank, Gasoline Can, Lighter, Car Battery and Hose items.Kill gas station zombies17Waitress Zombie: (2 Health)Waitress Zombies hold a grudge for a lifetime of bad tips. These Normal Zombies have 2 health, and carry items like the Liqoir Bottle, Diet Cola, Dry Ice, Dinner Knife, and Salt Shaker.Kill waitress zombies18Plumber Zombie (2 Health):Plumber Zombie is a Normal Zombie and it has 2 health. They carry the Spray Bottle, Suspenders, Metal Pipes, Plunger and Rubber Duck items.Kill plumber zombies19Gardener Zombie: (4 Health)Gardener Zombies can frow like weeds. These Strong Zombies have 4 health, and carry items like the Rake, Red Peppers, Potatoes, Garden Trimmer and Fertilizer Bag.Kill gardener zombies20Firefighter Zombie: (4 Health):Firefighter Zombie is a Strong Zombie and it has 4 health. They carry the Flashlight, Fire Extinguisher, Matches, Boot and Metal Bucket items.Kill firefighter zombies21Construction Zombie (4 Health):Construction Zombies are tough as nails! These Strong Zombies have 4 health, and carry items like the Helmet, Nails, Tape Measure, Paintbrush, and Traffic Cone.Kill construction zombies22Riot Zombie: (8 Health):Super Strong Zombies are too tough for conventional weapons, and can only be killed with crafted weapons.Kill Riot Zombie23Super Strong Zombies (8 Health):Super Strong Zombies have 8 health. They can only be killed with a crafted weapon.Kill Riot Zombie24Building PartsYou can find building parts such as Screws, Boards, Roof Tiles and Metal Sheets from Zombies and piles of Rubble. Use building parts to finish buildings you can buy from the Market.Collect a building part25Duct TapeAll survivors need Duct Tape for crafting weapons! Visit friends daily to get a free roll!.Collect a duct tape26Supersize Zombies: (20 Health)Supersize Zombies have 20 health and they are tough to take down with conventional weapons. Use a high damage weapon like the China Lake against them.27Hillbilly Zombies: (30 Health):Coming Soon.




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