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Buy Metal Cryptocurrency

If you would like to know where to buy Metal DAO at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Metal DAO stock are currently Binance, Bybit, Bitrue, Bitget, and BingX. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

buy metal cryptocurrency


Metal DAO (MTL) is a utility token that currently governs the stablecoin Metal Dollar (XMD), in addition to providing tiered trading discounts to MTL holders when using the Metal Pay cash & crypto app. Metal Pay customers who own 10,000+ MTL can enjoy 0% fees on all cryptocurrency purchases.

Once you've created an account, you will need to deposit funds to buy MTL with. You can either deposit local currency from a bank account or credit card, or transfer cryptocurrency from another exchange or wallet. Here are some popular ways to to buy MTL:

As one of the oldest commodities in history, precious metals like gold and silver have been and likely will continue to be incredibly desirable. Now, you buy gold with a (slightly) newer commodity: Bitcoin (BTC).

Metal (MTL) is the native cryptocurrency for the Metallicus ecosystem and is primarily used within the Metal Pay app. Metal Pay is a payments app that allows users to send and receive cash or cryptocurrency and buy or sell cryptocurrency with cash or other crypto trading pairs. Trading fees are drastically slashed for users that hold MTL in their wallets on Metal Pay, with 0% trades for all available cryptocurrencies becoming unlocked once a user holds a certain amount of MTL.

Additionally, MTL can be used within the Proton ecosystem by wrapping MTL in Proton (becoming XMT). Once wrapped, it can be added to a liquidity pool, allowing the user to earn passive income in the form of yield farming. Taken together, the MTL token provides users with a way to save money, make cheaper trades, and earn cryptocurrency without additional work.

Dedicated to bridging the divide between TradFi and DeFi, Metallicus is approaching the cryptocurrency industry with an eye for harmony. They have quickly established a reputation for themselves as being a highly cooperative company, seeking out ways to partner with other industry giants, regulators, and everyone in between.

With much of their work focusing on the Proton blockchain, a growing DeFi ecosystem with zero gas fees, instant swaps, NFT capabilities, and opportunities for passive income, Metallicus is focused on accelerating the pace at which businesses and investors can use cryptocurrency in everyday life. Metal (MTL) has remained a core focus of their vision, and they are continually seeking out new use cases for their long-standing token in everything that they are building.

The seed phrase acts as a key that unlocks the cryptocurrency wallet. This phrase, which is made up of a group of words, allows you to restore your wallet and access it again in case your wallet is stolen, lost, or deleted from your device. If you lose your wallet's seed phrase, you will never be able to access your wallet again. This is why using a seed phrase storage wallet is vital.

Every cryptocurrency wallet has a seed phrase, usually 12 or 24 words. Anyone with this phrase can access the wallet. In fact, the phrase "not your keys, not your crypto" comes from this very fact. While there are several ways to keep your seed phrase safe and secure, the best is to use a metal crypto wallet. Storing the seed phrase offline makes it immune to hacking attempts which can drastically increase the security of your digital assets.

Cryptosteel Capsule is another premium seed phrase storage solution sold by Ledger, the leading cryptocurrency wallet manufacturer. It offers similar protection as Billfold, just in a different form factor. To set up the Cryptosteel Capsule, you need to slide the first four letters down the central rod. You can use an included separator to separate each of the 24 recovery words.

Cryptosteel Capsule is made out of 303 and 304 grade stainless steel and is capable of resisting temperatures of up to 2500 F (1400 C). Moreover, the all-metal capsule can withstand up to 150,000 N of pressure.

To accommodate the needs of cryptocurrency users that take their security very seriously, Trezor sells a bundle of five Cryptosteel Capsules in a combination with their flagship crypto hardware wallet Trezor Model T.

Cryptosteel Cassette is a metal wallet made of 304 grade stainless steel, protecting your seed phrase from rust, fire, hackers, water, and more, this wallet has a $129 price tag. Cryptosteel Cassette is waterproof, fireproof up to 1200 C, shock, and shock-resistant.

Cryptosteel provides a lifetime satisfaction guarantee for the product, which was launched in collaboration with Trezor, one of the leading cryptocurrency wallet manufacturers. In addition to the metal case, the packaging includes an 800-tile letter set.

Shamir HODL Pack is one of the best crypto wallet and seed phrase storage kits in the crypto space. It consists of Cryptosteel capsules and Trezor Model T crypto wallet, one of the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets available. While the kit retails at a hefty price of more than $600, this is still less than buying a separate Model T and five Cryptosteel Capsules.

imKey Secret Box is a kit that consists of a stainless-steel metal seed phrase storage product and a hardware wallet. It is fireproof, waterproof and shockproof, which can also be used to store passwords, private keys and other sensitive data. Even in the event of any natural disaster or accident, your seed phrase will be safe.

Keystone Tablet Plus is a metal crypto wallet that is an upgrade of Keystone Tablet. Made of 304 grade steel, this case is made to protect your seed phrase from all kinds of physical damage. The front of the tablet has 18 small screws that prevent the tablet from bending. The wallet is built to withstand temperatures of 2651F and 1455C.

Working with BIP39 compatible wallets, this metal wallet is used with anti-tamper tags. Each letter of the alphabet is laser engraved on these stickers. BIP39 phrases of 12, 18, and 24 words can be stored simply with this wallet. Keystone Tablet Plus comes in at a price of $49.

Ellipal Mnemonic Metal is a unique metal seed phrase storage product that is specifically designed to securely store 12 or 24-word recovery phrases. Unlike other wallets on the market, it is constructed of aluminum and features a clamshell form factor, measuring 86mm x 60mm x 8mm. The wallet is waterproof, fireproof, and even pest-resistant, providing robust protection against various physical threats, including natural disasters. However, it should be noted that the wallet is not entirely indestructible and may be subject to damage if subjected to excessive force, such as being crushed by a heavy object.

Steelwallet is an offline metal storage option that protects your seed phrase from electric shock, fire, water, and corrosion. Coming with an automatic stapler and engraved stainless steel sheets, both pages of the wallet can store 12 recovery words.

Blockplate 24 is a rugged metal wallet that is engineered to safeguard seed phrases. It is a low-tech but highly durable product, similar to Steelwallet, and can withstand prolonged use without succumbing to wear and tear. The wallet is composed of a double-sided stainless-steel plate, on one side it has a 24-word seed phrase engraved, and on the other side, an engraved QR code.

The plates of the Blockplate metal wallet are constructed of 304 grade hardened stainless steel, a material that is highly resistant to water, fire, and physical damage. This makes the wallet an effective tool for protecting your private keys from a wide range of potential threats. One thing to note is that the Blockplate metal wallet does not come with an automatic center stapler.

The wallet's stainless-steel plates are treated to resist corrosion, ensuring that the engraved letters remain legible and remain intact in any climate. The wallet's thickness of 6mm makes it resistant to high-pressure impacts and will only break under severe impact. The wallet boasts a sleek and compact design, making it easy to carry and transport. The X-SEED Pro metal wallet is priced at $89.

A combination of quality seed phrase storage and a cryptocurrency wallet is an unbeatable combination that offers improved security, portability, easy backup, and recovery options. In addition, it eliminates the need for third-party crypto handlers, which prevents your crypto from being tied up in the event of a cryptocurrency exchange going under (such as in the case of FTX). As such, it is a very important part of investing in crypto.

Since more individuals are entering the cryptocurrency industry, we made it simpler for everyone to Earn, Invest, and Spend their Cash and Crypto from the Juno Account. Whether you're new to cryptocurrency or a native, we offer something for everyone.

A metal crypto wallet is by no means the only option for securing your digital currency. Paper wallets, hardware wallets, online exchanges, and even some mobile apps make up a decent list of options for those looking to keep their funds safe. But there is something about a metal device that sets it apart.

If you want to keep your crypto safe, you need to have a secure place where you can store it, and we think that one of the best options for keeping your cryptos safe is metal wallets. In the text below, you can find the best nine metal wallets you can buy in 2023:

Because of its small size, it is simple to store and move around without drawing attention. To further security and privacy, you can simply lock the mnemonic metal; as a result, only you will be able to access the case.

The SafePal Cypher Seed Board is a metallic board made of 304-grade stainless steel that is designed to keep your mnemonic phrase safe from fire, water, and corrosion. It is made up of two distinct stainless steel plates that form a cryptographic puzzle and include a set of 288 letters.

Steelwallet, another metal wallet available today, is a backup tool made of steel that lets you engrave a seed onto two laser-engraved sheets. Stainless steel, the material from which these sheets are fashioned, offers protection against fire, water, corrosion, and electricity. 041b061a72




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