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Upload your pictures straight to our website using the Walmart app for a quick, easy way to get your photos printed. Select the type of photo product you want and when you need it by, and then sit back while we prepare your prints for you.

buy 4x6 prints

Design: Choose to have normal prints to place in an album or get your passport pictures done conveniently via the app. Capture a special moment with family or friends and have it created as a framed print, a collage print, or printed as a poster. This makes for a great gift idea. We also handle your business printing needs, ranging from address labels, custom business cards, and notepads to calendars, banners, and T-shirts.

To add warmth and personality to your home, create beautiful wall art out of your most cherished high-quality photo prints. Fill your walls with custom canvas prints, metal prints, wood wall art, and acrylic prints to showcase pictures of your loved ones. Add stunning frames and custom text to transform your best photos or photography prints into creative pieces of home decor. If you're a college student decorating your dorm room, consider creating a collage poster designed with your favorite memories from home. If you're designing your kids' bedrooms, make a premium poster print that showcases their style and personality. Or, if you want to create beautiful home decor out of your favorite family photos, personalized canvas prints or elegant glass prints will be showstopping pieces in any room. Use Shutterfly's picture printing service to transform your favorite memories into stunning wall art prints that will wow guests.

Personal touches are what make a house a home, and nothing does that quite as well as family photos and art prints. Bring your photos to life with unique glass prints, desktop plaques, or easel back canvas prints. Elegantly display photo prints of your most special moments by personalizing them to fit your home's style. You can hang your pictures as a collection in a gallery wall or on their own as a special statement piece. You can even display your favorite panoramic pictures on your walls, or create multi piece wall art with canvas, metal, wood, or acrylic prints that will look incredible in any room. Whether you design custom hanging canvas prints, premium posters, or framed prints, showcasing your favorite photos makes your home decor truly one of a kind. Our picture printing service is the perfect way to upgrade your living space and highlight your most memorable moments around your home. For the best Shutterfly deals on photo prints, check out our Special Offers page for promo codes and discounts.

Seasoned photographers often opt for a home inkjet photo printer. The best models, like our current photo printer pick, produce noticeably sharper images than the high-volume chemical process that online photo labs use. And of course, having a printer in-house means you can generate prints any time you desire. But inkjet printers optimized for pro-level photo output start at around $800 and take up a lot of desk space. They make the most sense for folks who print on a regular basis and demand gallery-quality results with unerring consistency. If you need prints only occasionally, an online photo service saves you the up-front hardware cost and the hassle of ink and paper replacement.

After comparing the prints from each lab not just in image quality but also in how well they were packed for shipment, I whittled our list of contenders down to five finalists. I then set up a blind test with several colleagues in the Wirecutter office; some of the panelists were photo novices, and others owned DSLRs and took photographs on a regular basis. The testers made side-by-side comparisons of six sets of identical image files printed by Printique (then called AdoramaPix), Aspen Creek Photo, Bay Photo, Mpix, and Nations Photo Lab, along with the reference prints I made using the Epson SureColor P600. For each set of prints, I asked the testers to rate their first and second choices, as well as their least favorite prints.

Nearly all of the services we tested delivered prints good enough to frame and put on the mantel. To be honest, the differences in print quality that did exist were too subtle for us to show you via the Web. And all of the services we used had our orders ready to ship within three business days or less. Some shops are less expensive than Nations Photo Lab (prices vary with print size and quantity). But each service we tested brings compromises of some sort. Nations Photo Lab gets the most important things right: color-accurate prints, packaging that avoids damage in transit, and a hassle-free ordering process.

Our order of 17 small prints, plus an 8-by-10 and an 11-by-17, came out to $18.09 with shipping. The average order cost of the 10 services we tested was $20.70, placing Nations Photo Lab roughly in the middle in cost. Within hours of placing the order, we received an email saying the job was complete and ready to ship. Nations Photo Lab is based in Maryland, and we received the prints at our New York City address the very next day. We need to stress, however, that ours was a very low-volume order placed well outside of the holiday-rush season. Your mileage may vary.

Before you can place an order with WHCC, the lab requires you to submit up to five test images, which the company prints (free of charge) as 8-by-10s for you to confirm that your monitor is properly calibrated. Only after this process may you place your initial order. Though committed photographers can appreciate this dedication to print accuracy, we think that folks looking to get occasional 4-by-6 prints of the family vacation will find this extra step arduous.

If you create images with careful attention to composition, this forced cropping is likely a dealbreaker. EZprints, RitzPix, and York Photo, for example, offer a smartphone-friendly print size at a 4:3 aspect ratio, and Printique, Aspen Creek Photo, and Nations Photo Lab give you the option to print your image uncropped, no matter the aspect-ratio mismatch. As of this writing Mpix provides neither of those options.

Bay Photo offers small print sizes optimized for smartphone photos, along with sturdy packaging of your order, but in our tests its print output was decidedly middling. In our blind print test, participants rarely made it a first or last choice in side-by-side comparisons with our other contenders, usually slotting it as a reasonable second choice. On their own, we suspect the prints would look fine to most people, but we had many contenders that elicited favorable responses more frequently.

Our order from Shutterfly was the second most expensive in our tests, and the print quality was average at best. Our biggest complaint was about the packaging. The small prints came in a thin, flat envelope, and the 11-by-14 came in a tube, resulting in a curled print that would need flattening before display. (Note: The quickest way to uncurl a print is to wrap it around a wide-diameter tube in the opposite direction of the original curl and roll it up. It can take some practice to do this without accidentally creasing or creating ripple marks in the print, however. A much safer approach is to lay the prints flat under some weight for a day or two.)

SmugMug is a platform for creating a website that showcases your photography (for a monthly subscription) with photo printing offered as a service to anyone who wants to buy prints of your work. This feature is of limited use to most people, and the actual print services are handled through partnerships with labs like Bay Photo, EZprints, and WHCC, companies you can order directly from instead.

The services included here can produce high-quality prints and memorabilia from your digital photos, whether that's in the form of wallet-size snapshots or wall-size photo canvases. And some, like CVS Photo, can get your shots in your hand within an hour.

Nations Photo Lab has been delivering high-quality prints since 2005, when three professional photographers couldn't find a lab with the quality, pricing, and turnaround times they required. Now the service serves both pros and amateurs, and it delivered the best quality prints in terms of sharpness and color accuracy in our test orders. Shipped photos arrive in the sturdiest packaging of any services tested, too.

CVS produced the sharpest photo prints among one-hour local pickup services we tested (Walgreens and Walmart were the others). You pay more for that convenience, but when you need it CVS's excellent printing equipment and paper are up to the task.

Mpix is one of the more expensive mail-order photo printing services we tested. It delivers fine prints in some of the strongest packaging of any service, and its giclée(Opens in a new window) and metallic paper and are truly impressive, almost giving your shots a 3D look. The service also uses long-lasting Kodak photo paper.

Snapfish is good for those who want prints but don't want to spend much money. For example, a set of 50 photos would cost just a mere $4.50 plus shipping from Snapfish. That same order would cost $18 from Mpix.

Printique comes from Adorama, a name long trusted by professional photographers. The company delivers photo prints on a good choice of papers and in the sturdiest shipping material of any service we tested. The site also has one of the clearest, most capable interfaces for assembling and organizing your order.

Walmart offers 5-by-7-inch and 8-by-10 prints at a lower price than any competitor we tested. It's by far the cheapest local-pickup option, too, at just 12 cents per 4-by-6 print. Walmart Photo also delivers decent print quality in acceptably protective packaging and uses a well-designed ordering interface.

Why stop at ordinary photo prints, when you can have your pictures grace mugs, playing cards, and even pillows? The services here offer a remarkable assortment of objects that you can personalize. All offer greeting cards, calendars, and photo books (more on this below). Most also offer phone cases, blankets, and coffee mugs. 041b061a72




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