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New Fresh Apps In KDE

KDE neon is the intersection of these needs using a stable Ubuntulong-term release as its core, packaging the hottest softwarefresh from the KDE Community ovens. Compute knowing you have asolid foundation and enjoy the features you experience in the world'smost customisable desktop.

New fresh apps in KDE


Get a powerful, secure desktop that you can take anywhere. Access your Shells on multiple devices from a smart TV to your smartphone. You can even breathe fresh life into that old computer. Make your next computer a computer in the cloud with Shells.

Transform any device into a powerful, secure desktop with Shells. Whether you want to code on your smartphone or produce a fresh new track on your TV, with Shells you can unlock the full performance and experience of a desktop computer on any device.

This page lists active distributions that ship Plasma 5, distributions on which Plasma 5 can be installed, and ways to get KDE apps in a distribution-agnostic fashion. Please keep these lists in alphabetical order.

Feren OS is an operating system based on Ubuntu's long-term support version featuring Plasma 5 and some KDE apps. It's a highly customised Plasma experience and makes use of KDE neon User Edition's packages to roll its Plasma version. It also rolls other frequently-used packages as well.

The KDE developers have done amazing work to create an SDK that simplifies making snaps of KDE applications and they also publish a common KDE framework snap that all KDE snaps consume. This makes it easy for developers to create KDE snaps and also keeps the size of the individual snaps down for users. You can read more about how to create KDE snaps in our blog post; KDE apps at the snap of your fingers.

This time around, Plasma renews its looks and, not only do you get a new wallpaper, but also a gust of fresh air from an updated theme: Breeze - Blue Ocean. The new Breeze theme makes KDE apps and tools not only more attractive, but also easier to use both on the desktop and your phone and tablet.

... And, as long as we are talking about Plasma's new look, we must talk about the new stuff in System Settings. Under Global Theme > Colors you'll find a new option that lets you pick the desktops accent colors. Accent colors are the colors of highlighted items on drop-down menus and lists, backgrounds of the icons of selected apps in the panel, the actual bars in progress bars, the backgrounds of checkboxes and radio buttons, and so on.

Of course, once you are done configuring, you will actually want to reach your apps. You can do that through Kickoff, the application launcher that, in a default Plasma layout, lives in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Kickoff was already given a massive overhaul a few versions ago, but again we have rewritten large parts of the code to make it faster and easier to use.

And we added new options, of course. For example, now you can make Kickoff stay open on the screen with the new pin button located in the upper right-hand corner. By clicking on the Configure Application Launcher button to the left of the pin, you can choose whether to use a list or a grid for the apps views and configure the power/session action buttons.

In this release, the cursor now shows animated icon feedback when launching apps and we added a new screen rotation animation for mobile devices, such as phones, tablets and hybrid laptop/tablet computers. On a related note, entering tablet mode in Wayland increases the size of System Tray icons, making them easier to tap on a touchscreen. The System Tray will also notify you when something is recording the screen and will let you cancel it.

While we reach full Wayland support for the desktop and applications, we also support the XWayland intermediate protocol and, in Plasma 25th AE, you can now use a middle-click to paste, and drag-and-drop stuff between native Wayland and XWayland apps.

The August 2021 ISO release (2021.08) of the independently developed and Arch Linux inspired distribution KaOS Linux is now available for download with various new features, new apps, and some improvements.

On top of that, KaOS Linux 2021.08 includes several new applications like BibleTime, MauiKit Accounts, and Speedtest CLI, as well as the Plasma Mobile suite of apps, including the Angelfish web browser, Kasts podcasts software, Kalk calculator utility, and Koko image viewer. Under the hood, this release is powered by the latest and greatest Linux 5.13 kernel series.

Titlebars of KDE apps become taller when in Touch Mode, making it easier to press, drag, and close windows with touch. Context menu items become taller when in Touch Mode, giving you more space to tap the correct one.

Discover is your new one-stop shop for all things app- and addon-related. Designed from the ground up to be easily handled by users as well as easily integrated for distributions. A place where skill level isn't blocking you from executing the action you want, in this case installing new apps and add-ons!

Discover is intended for users and distros where the terminal isn't the optimal solution for the installation of apps and add-ons or updates. Where we want something intuitive and simple to use and above all safe to use.

If you just want to browse or feel unclear on what the application name is or how to best define it in the text simply click either "Applications", "Plasma Add-ons", or "Application Add-ons". You will find complete applications in the "Applications" category, Plasma widgets and extensions in "Plasma Add-ons" and extensions for your apps like snippets for coding apps in Application Add-ons.

By clicking "back" you can always reach the starting point. From here you can continue searching freely. In the column in the middle/to the right in the application, you have all installable apps or extensions. When you click them a third column on the right will open with detailed info about that application or extension as it is available. You can now scroll through the list and click other apps to display detailed information about them. To remove the right-hand column click on one of the categories in the left column to bring you back to the beginning of your search.

Now try to resize the window. See what happens? Discover, using Kirigami the widget library for convergent apps will react and change to the size of the screen you have available. Try resizing it to about the size of a cellphone. It reshapes to better fit that size.

To uninstall apps is just as easy as installing them. Simply find the application that you wish to uninstall in the normal manner - you can note that it has "remove" instead of "install" in the little button next to it. Then click it! All you have to do then is fill in your password and the application is removed directly without fuss.

Linux distributions come with upgrades, new releases of apps and system details, bugfixes and improvements. To be able to keep your system up to date and safe Discover has made it easier for you to upgrade. When the update section at the bottom of the left column is bright yellow, which means that you have updates waiting for you. Just click it and you will be moved to this screen (you can as usual simply click in another area in the left column to leave it)

Sometimes, KDE Connect will not detect a phone. You can restart the services by running killall kdeconnectd and then opening kdeconnect in system settings or running kdeconnect-cli --refresh followed by kdeconnect-cli -l.

Discover sometimes will not remove its PackageKit alpm lock. To release it, remove /var/lib/PackageKit/alpm/db.lck. Use "Refresh" in Discover and updates should appear (if there are any updates pending).

Electron enables developers to build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Electron developers can leverage the vast library of node modules to build their own applications on web technologies.

If not all the packages are required, one or several smaller meta packages from the list above may be picked instead. Alternatively, it is possible to set USE flags to reduce the number of applications installed by kde-apps/kde-apps-meta.

The company also offers mobile versions for both iOS and Android. The mobile apps have matured noticeably from when we looked at LibreOffice 7.1. They are still a little clunky, but they're useful, especially as viewers. For instance, we can confirm that the Android app was able to open password-protected files directly from Dropbox, which neither the Dropbox app nor Google Docs can do.

KDE Gear is the new name for what was formerly described as the KDE Applications Bundle. There are more than 120 components, including a wide range of accessories and full rich applications. A subset of the KDE Apps comprise the Calligra office suite: Words, Sheets, Stage, Carbon (for vector drawing), Plan (project management), and KEXI (for visual database apps).

Hi, I've just installed freshly new arch with kde plasma. Everything went well, but the problem is there is an error displayed on the "Featured" section in Discover. "Unable to load applications. Please verify Internet connectivity". Note that my internet works fine. I've installed arch with kde before and everything was okay, then I install on another laptop and this problem appears.

I have the same problem! i've just done a completely fresh install of Arch and followed the install guide to the letter (as I've done a couple times before), but this time Discover shows no results, and the same thing with updates / features page is happening to me too!

Registered an account today just to follow this thread. I am experiencing this same issue on a fresh install I did yesterday. As other users have stated, I also can confirm packagekit-qt5 is installed on my system. Updates work just fine, but I cannot view featured applications.

I was having the exact same problem and I gave up; however (when I wasn't looking for it) I found the solution (at least in my setup) in a youtube video... just have to re-install the "appstream" package, which "appstream-qt" is dependent on, which "discover" is dependent on




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